Learn To Expect The Unexpected


Alpert & King is committed to the highest standards of on-time performance because we know that for our services to be worthwhile, they must be provided on a timely basis.

Interim basis financial statements, for instance, will be produced within two weeks of the date we receive the data. And, we are normally able to complete year-end financial statements within a 30 day period.

The staffing and coverage in our practice helps us guarantee we never file a tax extension due to our workload. Your tax return will be filed complete and on time.

Though our management consulting services are normally provided on a mutually-agreed upon timetable, we are very attuned to the unpredictable financial needs of the client that require prompt attention on our part. Thus, we are prepared to meet even your most urgent deadlines for financial and management information-even if it means working through the night.


Alpert & King’s comprehensive accounting services go far beyond the preparation and review of financial statements. We evaluate your accounting system. This serves as a powerful management tool. We analyze and interpret the data to assist you in making sound business decisions. We recommend ways to strengthen company controls to protect assets and improve operating efficiency.

We supply weekly, monthly and quarterly accounting services to companies needing assistance maintaining accurate books and records.

Tax Services

Taxes represent a major business and personal expense. In today’s complex environment, knowledgeable tax planning is critical in order to evaluate financial decisions. The profitability of your business and your own financial prosperity are directly affected by the amount of taxes you pay. Our objective is to minimize your tax obligation by exploring all opportunities for maximum tax savings.

At the same time, we make sure you are complying with the detailed, confusing, and ever-changing laws and regulations.